Join the 1% of the population who make New Year goals and resolutions – and who then carry them through!

It’s made easy for you in this unique interactive journal. Based on the unique Journal for Success approach, it covers many enriching, mindful, spiritual and creative areas of life and work that are never even mentioned in any other planners and journals. You’re going to really enjoy working in this Yearbook, and the results will speak for themselves.

The Yearbook takes you through a complete journalling process to set up your new year intentions, and supports you month by month to consolidate and review your progress, continually fine tune where you are, and keep your thoughts and projects organised.  It will support whatever you want to create or experience. It’s rooted in the seasons of the year (Northern Hemisphere), and includes a monthly calendar with Celtic festivals, moonphases, plants and trees.

With this companion beside you throughout your year, working with any resistance or procrastination that might come up becomes much easier. And you will not forget or abandon  anything important because of becoming overwhelmed by all the details and demands of your life.

The yearbook PDF is designed for you to type in on your computer, or print out and write in it by hand.  The illustrations are black and white to make home printing easy, or send it to a bureau for a professional finish. You can print it and keep it in a folder, or even cut and paste into your own personalised and decorated blank A4 journal.

Whatever you’re planning for your months ahead, this is a unique journalling system like no other, and will enrich your life. No matter what challenges are facing us in 2020, we can grow, develop and thrive given the support of a sound, contemplative journalling practice.

The creator:  Alyss Thomas is author of The Journal Writer’s Companion published in 2019, and runs popular courses in journal writing. As a psychotherapist, coach and writer, she has created a journalling system based on a lifetime of study and research into what enables people to step into flow, excitement and purpose, and maintain this over time.


The new 2020 Yearbook has the unique Journalling for Success approach baked into its heart. It covers an amazing richness of topic areas.  This approach to journalling your year will empower you to be your happiest and your most effective through the power of your active presence. By bringing your presence and focus to your life in this journal, you will enjoy positive results that go far beyond the pages of your journal. 

You can be the change you want to see in the world this year, through the power of focusing your attention on changing you, refreshing your inner world, clarifying your thinking, and through the amazing power of being present and attentive with yourself through your regular journalling sessions.

It’s convenient, creative and motivating to have so many different life areas brought together to help you integrate everything that’s important and not leave anything out!


This yearbook is a small investment financially, but in order to make it work for you, you will need to invest your time, attention, patience and your dedicated focus. It is your focused and enjoyable interaction with these journal pages that is going to make the difference in your life.

I wish you peace of mind, joy, happiness and success, whatever than means for you, now, in the year ahead, and always.

Alyss Thomas


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New Year, New You Journalling ebook 2020

  • Beautiful black and white artwork of the natural world
  • Monthly calendars
  • A new combination of writing prompts every month
  • Quarterly  planning  and review sessions
  • Space for you to focus on what’s really important for you this year

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