Journal writing book reviewsAlign your life and projects with the special energies of the Solstice, and journal yourself awake into a fresh new season.

The new world dawns gradually, and many sleeping through this turbulent night do not realise it is already here. Nothing makes sense in this current fear and confusion, but we can align ourselves with our own hearts.  There is inside us hope, light, a clear inner sense of direction for what feels right, what makes you feel happy and at peace. This cannot be found outside you at this time. It lies within you, and you need to access your own inner quiet to access peace, excitement, hope, safety and trust. This session is all about transitions, change and uncertainty.

What is spiritual  journalling? 

For those who are called to paths of gentleness, creativity, contemplation and connection, who want to be aligned with Nature’s cycles, this is a simple but powerful conscious journalling practice.  We will align with the big processes of ending, change, renewal and new beginnings and be co-creators of the reality we want to experience.  There will be guided visualisation and journalling prompts. Bring a blanket, a candle and lighter, a journal and a drink.

Journalling is a new-old resource and tool that can be with you always  – all you need is a little guidance in modern techniques, a little encouragement, some persistence and determination.  No matter what is going on, you can be aligned, resourceful and resilient by using journalling as your anchor and place of purpose and focus. In these times of change, it is essential that we choose our own focus, choose to be our authentic selves and how we want to feel.

We will end just before the actual Solstice so you can then be focused, present and peaceful with your journal  – or your family – just before and after the Solstice.

The Solstice is at 22.43 London time (see this link to convert to other time zones)

Cost: £10
When: 8pm-10pm UK Saturday 20th June


The session is led by Alyss Thomas, author of The Journal Writer’s Companion, and  facilitator of A Year of Journalling and the Spiritual Art Club.