Journal writing book reviewsWe need to feel good in difficult times, and resist the ever-present temptation to fall into stress, anxiety and worry.  A simple journalling practice can make all the difference.

The basic principles of modern journalling are based on the choice to consistently place your focus and attention on what really matters and is important to you. It is tremendously uplifting and encouraging  to guide yourself in the right direction with a daily journalling focus.

If you have not journalled regularly before, it can take a few weeks of regular practice before you realise the profound, invigorating and freeing effect that directed journalling can have on your mind and wellbeing!  No matter what is going on in the world around you, journalling with appropriate writing prompts and techniques is life-affirming and energising. It can help you align with your genuine, deep-down sense of purpose, aliveness and authenticity.

Being at peace within is a natural feeling, which results when there is absence of conflict between different parts of ourselves, and alignment with who we feel we really are. It is not dependent upon circumstances, as after all, our state of mind is not determined by our circumstances but by how we respond to them.

Here is a diagrammatic model that describes a way of looking at inner peace as something that can be attained or strengthened by working on the four different quadrants described. It is an idea to explore and flow with in your journal.  You can use it to identify ways in which you may be able to deepen and enrich your own inner sense of peacefulness.

Personal Inner Peace – 2 axes model

Personal peace is portrayed here as the place of  intersection of two axes, where all four points flow together in harmony.

Axis one

The relationship each of us has to our sense of self, our vulnerability, social circumstances, wellbeing, and what is happening in the world

Axis two

How we respond in a direct and personal way to our unique experience, and the value that we bring to it

The four points on the axis

  1. Self recognition and self acceptance of inner being, and the inner relationship to Self and spirit
  2. Dynamic acceptance and relationship with circumstances, including social, family, work, and one’s personal economic and political relationship with the world
  3. Alignment with a sense of unique purpose, one’s own chosen values and beliefs
  4. Alignment with a sense of direction in purposeful activity and responsive timing, consistent with our sense of purpose


The place of personal peace is the point of origin in the centre of the four circles.


Inner Peace with Journalling Diagram


Try a Journalling for Inner Peace online workshop

Friday 4th September 6.30-9pm

Explore how you can feel more peaceful, focused and aligned with your own sense of purpose!  You are invited to attend the workshop “Journalling for Inner Peace”.  This will be a supportive and friendly small group event on Zoom, where you will receive guided writing prompts and the opportunity for reflective sharing (though there is no requirement to share).



Feedback from previous journalling workshops with Alyss

“Thank you, this was hugely enjoyable and I learned such a lot about myself!”

“I don’t know where the time went – I couldn’t believe journalling would be so much fun”

“This has really helped, thank you so much. I don’t know how you did it, but your sessions are totally unique and I’m definitely coming back for more.”