Monday December 21st 8.30-10.30 am

The winter solstice symbolises the return of the light in the darkness, and holding confidence and hope in dark times.

This is a special moment to  gather your focus as the world moves into a new era. This group is held with the principles of presence and clear focus. It’s an opportunity for you to align with the new incoming energies in a held, connected, clear and welcoming space.

This shared experience can help you meet the challenges we are facing this winter with focus and resilience.  The power of our shared focus is energising and uplifting – journalling  together in a held and focused group makes your journalling more powerful.

We will use meditation, visualisation, and unique creative journalling prompts to help us orient  to the new season. There are brief opportunities for discussion and questions.

The moment of the solstice is 10.02am UK time, when we will hold a few minutes of creative silence together.