You’re invited to join us for a year of creativity, self expression, learning and self discovery.

Enjoy the companionship, support, mentoring of an expertly held creative support group!
Flow with focus and direction, and belong to a joyful and intentional community.

“This course has been like nothing I ever imagined or experienced and I have loved every minute of it. I am grateful for you and the group. Thank you once again, Alyss “

Journal writing book reviews

“Anything is possible when you are surrounded by wonderful like-minded people, a lovingly curated space, soulful creative midwifery and a book of blank pages!! So pleased to be part of this group during 2020, not sure how I would have weathered without it.”

Journal Writers Companion Book Alyss Thomas Review

Make 2021 a time when you create and thrive

This year is a time of instability, change and unpredictable disruptions. But you can be adaptable, set yourself a firm sense of direction, and focus on what is truly going to help you thrive and prosper. Change brings opportunities but because change is so shocking, we can’t always recognise that these are opportunities!

Your journalling practice will make all the difference to whether you thrive even when those around you are confused and floundering. It will help you be more grounded, stable, resilient and focused.

This year long course offers rich resources and opportunities. This unique approach to journalling changes your life, and brings you excitement and fulfilment.

Creativity and self expression will be more important than ever in 2021, to keep you upbeat, motivated and focused on the excitement of your own creative and inner journey and less focused on the drama and chaos.

What can’t you do when you belong to a community of like-minded people who support and believe in you and want you to succeed – when your success and theirs are interwoven. The group is skilfully held, so there is support and encouragement for everyone to learn and grow at your own pace and in your own way. It is my joy to support, curate, inspire and encourage your free creative self expression, and offer you structures and opportunities you might never find on your own.

Through the year you will enjoy and complete your own creative projects. There is no limitation on what your projects can include – for example, pamphlets and booklets, book, a novel, a website, videos, a blog, an aspect of your business, a memoir or life story, a photo album or life book, a song cycle, a collection of poems, a series of mini or concertina books, an art journal, a series of paintings or collages, or any project, in any medium. Working alongside people who are engaged in different projects is inspiring and motivating.

You can choose your own projects, and also choose from a list of suggestions. The idea is to have a few different projects going throughout the year, so you can move between them. You will receive support to make your projects come to life… and also to finish them, if you are someone who finds it easier to start things than to complete them.

Creating your work alongside us in the group will keep you motivated, and help you move through any blocks or difficulties that arrive at different stages in your process. If you’re someone who finds it easier to start things than to complete them, the group will offer you the accountability and mentoring to finish your work, and publish, share, or show it.

If you feel you lack confidence in any area, this is where you will be able to develop much more confidence and belief in your own creative voice. If you want to try out your work on an audience, we are here for you. If you are scared to share your work, we are here for you! At different times, you may find you take more or less space in the group depending on how you feel, but we will all be connected throughout the year.

This group offers you:

  • Regular meetings with like-minded people in sessions that are held and curated to bring out the best in everyone

  • Support and encouragement

  • Creative mentoring

  • Accountability when you need it

  • Challenge to move beyond your comfort zone

  • Shared focus and intentions support your individual projects

  • Modern creative journalling prompts

  • Structured and supportive feedback on your work when you ask for it

Everyone is asked to keep people’s creative work and personal material shared in the group totally confidential.

All the structures, prompts, ideas and support offered are original and unique, and is not derivative of anyone else’s work.

Payment options

The group is priced to be accessible. You are asked to make a commitment to the year, as this means we have a structure that is robust enough to hold us through the year.  This is exceptionally good value because I want you to participate, to make the difference in your own world and  to the people around you.

Full year course fee paid up front £450.00

Pay monthly by direct debit £42.00 per month (12 instalments due on the 20th of each calendar month)

Pay monthly by card or Paypal: £42.00 per month, 12 instalments due on the 20th of each month

Each group is less than £20, when you take into account the free pop-up sessions

Please enquire about a discount if you wish to attend both 2021 A Year in Flow and the Spiritual Art Club

Two sessions each month

The group consists of two live Zoom meetings per month, Wednesdays 7-9.30pm UK time with a private Facebook group for sharing, discussion and information There are 22 sessions, approximately two a month with a break in August, plus occasional additional pop-up sessions, such as journalling in nature, specific teaching sessions, and sessions for special themes and seasonal events.  As far as possible, public and school holidays are avoided.  Individual mentoring sessions to look at your work in greater detail are available at a deep discount. There will be a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, ask for feedback, share or chat.

One session each month is given to journalling, with unique creative prompts, themes and shared projects, journalling for self development, clarity and focus, and journalling to develop your creative muscles, access your imagination, play with serendipity, and trigger and spark flow.

The second session each month is where we focus on our individual and shared creative projects, work alongside each other, give each other feedback and support and receive mentoring and guidance. Working together with others in this shared field is much more powerful than working alone, and the power of our shared energy will help you travel far this year.  This is not the type of class where you listen to or watch an expert and then try to create your own version, but where you are supported and challenged to find your own creative voice, however it wants to reveal itself.

The rhythm of meeting once every two weeks allows you space to work on your own projects, and to come together often enough to enjoy the sense of belonging and continuity.

There will be new themes, prompts, challenges and mini-projects throughout the year which will interact with and complement your own projects.  These are of course optional, but you won’t ever regret doing them!

  • Understand and access your unique creative process

  • A place to belong with like-minded people in a positive, constructive ambience

  • Use special journalling techniques to develop your projects and make them sparkle

  • Learn from people who work very differently to you, and expand your own toolbox

  • A series of fun 40-day challenges to change the way you work, think and feel

  • Find your own creative daemon and play!

  • Find the ways you can make a difference in response to current events and circumstances

  • You can get amazing value from this course if you use it as the vehicle to start and complete projects you have been waiting to get going on! 2021 is the year to write your book, learn to paint,  learn incredible journalling skills, write your life story – or whatever it is that is nagging and calling you that you have been ignoring!

When does the group run?

7-9.30pm Wednesday evenings, UK time; the first two sessions are January 20th and January 27th 2021.

How does it work?

A Zoom link is posted in the private Facebook group, or sent to you by email if you are not on Facebook. There is a mixture of teaching, discussion, journal prompts and journal writing, and working on your current project alongside each other.

What if I am not creative and I don’t have any creative projects I want to do?

If you feel this, there will be some fun suggestions for you!

If you would like to discuss whether this course is right for you, we can chat. Please text me on 07825284160 or email me to arrange a time.

What previous students have been saying:

The support of a lovely group. Alyss has a magic that holds space and inspires on so many levels”

“Thank you Alyss for your heart and soul that led us through this magical year of journalling.”

“Considering what the year 2020 brought to the world, I think journaling for me was an essential source of hope, connection and strength.”

The magic will happen. There is no need to rush. Thank you to all the beautiful journalling friends in this group.”

Love your wonderment and wisdom Alyss. Thank you for this inspiring, richly created and composted seed bed of curiosity. And for the magical space you create for us to bloom.”

Huge gratitude to you Alyss and the group. We have been a very creative and inspirational Hive for each other. I look forward to the next steps of juicy creation”

I just wanted to say, what amazing writers you’ve all become! It’s beautiful listening to you all! Huge congratulations!”

I just wanted to say, what amazing writers you’ve all become! It’s beautiful listening to you all! Huge congratulations!”

What a truly inspiring evening. Thank you to all of you for your support and inspiration.”

Thank you for the space tonight to focus on conscious choices about how time can be spent over the next month. I feel energised, supported and hopeful.”

Slept so well last night after our class … that rarely happens. I also felt energised today & spent some happy time clearing my creative space ready to have some fun.

Such a lovely group & I’m so happy that the magic will carry on for the year!”