A circle has always been the primary human connection beyond your immediate family. We need this, now and always. Gathering together around the fire will never be out of date.

Our primary needs include the need to connect, to belong, to share, to exchange ideas. We yearn to be seen for who we really are, to be recognised, to be valued deeply, to feel safe in community. To test out our thoughts and ideas, and receive loving, kind feedback.

This is not a webinar where you listen and maybe get to ask a question. This is a circle of exchange, discussion, joining in, and giving and receiving support. It is facilitated and held with clear and loving boundaries. It is not one of those online communities where you make comments and likes, but a real community discussion hosted on a secure platform.

The focus is spiritual growth and expansion, warmth and kindness, respect, non-judgement and belonging together.

It’s a space where you can breathe and be, surrounded by people who are both different and the same as you, who will support you and give you perspective on your own life, just by being who they are, which supports you to be who you are.

As well as discussion and sharing, there will be meditation, visualisation, simple shared rituals, and guided journalling. We will use the provided text as a way in.

The space is held by an experienced group facilitator. This is a support group or study group, and not a therapy group, and it is not a substitute for personal therapy.

The principles of the group are upheld in all interactions:

  • Acceptance and non-judgement
  • Respectful listening and taking in what someone is saying and feeling, but you are not muted!
  • Kindness
  • Everyone is equal and valued
  • This is a safe private space
  • Staying on topic – spiritual more than political or practical, and reaching the most enlightened understanding we can attain… and then of course you may choose actions based on that.
  • This is spiritual and not religious, with discussion and clarification of non-dualistic spiritual teachings

Group guidelines

  • Listen before speaking
  • Respond to what others are saying before adding your own points
  • State your needs and intentions so we can support them
  • Stay on track with the main discussion
  • Everyone is worthy of respect for their views, but views and opinions are not our main focus

Discussion and study topics are brought in so that we have a shared focus for discussion, including how it affects you individually. These are excerpts from modern non-dualistic spiritual texts, which include: A Course in Miracles, A Course in Love, A Journey to Love, The Way of Mary, The Disappearance of the Universe, and others. Some of these are available online, and they are not required reading as the short excerpt will be provided or a link given to a publicly available video or text. The emphasis in all of these teachings is that changing your mind, spiritual support and education, and raising the frequency of how you feel will bring you better outcomes. This is the essence of a non-dualistic approach to changing your own mind first rather than focusing outwards on all that is wrong in the world.

Being present together in the field

The field is a concept that recognises that our shared intentions create an energetic field of awareness that we can co-participate in.  By sharing in this intentional community, with members of our own tribe,  we are all re-energised and strengthened.

The Field, by Rumi

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and right doing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.

Journal writing book reviews

How it works

A Zoom link is emailed to you ahead of the group session. For security, there is a fresh link for each session.   There is a group on Mewe where you can chat between sessions.  Each session, a brief text is shared with you for discussion. The group is held and facilitated,  and different activities and suggestions offered.


There are approximately two sessions a month, UK time, 7-9pm on Tuesdays. This is adjusted when there are five weeks in a month, and there are breaks over the major holiday seasons.

  • £12 per session, £24 per month. The cost is minimal, to cover my time and hosting expenses and there is a discount if you make a commitment for six months. Direct debits, bank transfers, card and Paypal payments are due on the 12th day of the month.
  • Book for one month £24 (two sessions)
  • Book for 3 months £72 (six sessions)
  • Book for 6 months £133 (12 sessions with a discount))

The exchange is per person, please enquire about a small discount for members of the same household.

Terms and conditions

If you do not attend sessions you have booked, for any reason, no refunds are offered. You can only attend the sessions you have paid for.

Everything discussed in the live Zoom sessions is confidential

This is a space devoted to the enjoyment and full participation of all members, so please follow the principles and guidelines.