You’re invited to join our brand new Spring 22 journalling adventure

What does your life feel like when it is soul-inspired? Join us and share a special creative journey.

Journal writing for success courses have been running since 2017 and offer a completely unique combination of guided journalling, creativity, mentoring, spirituality and friendly community. They are original, fresh, fun and accessible.

Modern journalling methods offer highly effective tools to help you: clarify your thinking; set and attain goals, deepen into yourself and find your own authentic writing voice.

what previous students have said

“Thank you for the magic!”

“This was a fantastic session, I feel so uplifted and inspired, I have amazed myself with all I have written, I could not believe it was me that wrote it!”

“I feel so much more myself, and I’m so excited, it was all so hugely transforming– please do not stop holding these courses”

“Who would have thought you could do all of this with journalling!  This is so much more than a journalling course, I’ve learned so much about myself and I’ve really changed”

“Alyss has a magic that holds space and inspires on so many levels”

“Just letting myself follow the meditations and prompts without much thought was so incredibly inspiring and helpful”

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Would you like some direct techniques to access the treasures within you? in order to benefit from your unique inner resources, you need a process to identify, access and express them, to bring them out into your life and put them to work where you most need them. This type of journalling is designed to help you fine-tune your life, your creativity, and your projects.

This unique form of journal writing is a special activity that makes you more multidimensional! It’s a way to download your soul into your everyday, it shows you where the open doors are in your life and how you can go through them. Your innate wisdom and creativity is always waiting for you – if you tune in, listen and take time to be present, trust your imagination and utilise the unique journalling prompts.

The curriculum includes

Journalling prompts to access and work with your inner child, your imagination and creativity, your innate wisdom and your authentic Self. We make space for poetry, play, creativity, guided meditation, and unique journalling processes. You can choose what and how much you want to share in the group.

  • Writing from the body
  • Access your unique inner voice
  • Writing with your inner child
  • Work productively with your dreams
  • Original creative writing prompts
  • Our work together is aligned with the elements, seasons and cycles of nature
  • A shamanic focus on holding your own place within the interconnected whole, being balanced, empowered and in tune with nature
  • Journalling to access your innate wisdom and your authentic Self
  • Space where you can notice and pay attention to YOU, your feelings, desires and frustrations
  • Listen and tune in to your life and what it is teaching you -in order to download your soul into your everyday
  • Manifesting with your journal
  • Support for you – your creative projects, your work, and your life
  • Community support, warmth and friendliness
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The group is guided, supported and held by Alyss Thomas, author of The Journal Writer’s Companion, who is an experienced group facilitator, coach, psychotherapist, writer and artist. Your work in the group is confidential and you always have access to support and mentoring.

It doesn’t matter what is going on in the outer world of 2022 when you are aligned with your own authentic Self, and you are doing your life in ways that light you up

What is included?
  • 10x Wednesday evening sessions, with a private Zoom link sent to you each time
  • Private forum on Facebook specifically for this group and for the Autumn Sessions
  • A 1:1 mentoring session, booked by you when you want
  • Focus and encouragement, guided activities each session with work to complete in your own time between sessions
  • Support will be offered to new members unfamiliar with modern journalling techniques. This may be in the form of an additional free evening session.
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Practical information and how to book

If you may be interested and we have not worked together before on a long course, please email or text me on 07825284160 so we can arrange a chat to see if this is right for you.

Click here to book online

Dates for the Spring Sessions

 Ten Wednesday evenings 7-9.30pm UK time

19 January

2 February, 16 February

2 March, 16 March, 30 March

13 April, 27 April

11 May, 18 May,

The Autumn Sessions start in September. This will deepen into the themes as we move into the darker months.


£350 full cost paid by 12 January; or £375 paid in 5 instalments of £75 due on the 2nd of January, February, March, April and May. Please note the instalment option is not available if you have not worked with me before and we do not have any prior relationship.

LOYALTY DISCOUNT: For students who have attended 12 months of previous sessions: £300 full cost paid by 2nd January; instalment option: five instalments of £60.00, due on the 2nd of the month, starts Jan 2nd

Instalments need to be paid by standing order and not on the website, I will send you my information. The first instalment is due 2nd January.


All material discussed in the group is confidential, and not to be shared outside the group

All materials, exercises and processes are © Alyss Thomas and not to be shared without my permission

You can request a CPD certificate on completion if you are a therapeutic professional