Modern journal writing techniques can help you make your life feel exciting and aligned with a real sense of purpose. There is so much more to this type of journalling than you can imagine!

An active connection with our own soul, our own inner essence, brings peace, joyfulness and the feeling of being in flow. Without this vivid connection we can feel bored, empty, disheartened, despairing, lacking clarity and feeling we are going round in repeated circles. You know the difference between feeling off and out of sorts for no particular reason, or feeling energised and cheerful, and that you feel happy and excited about your life.

Everyone experiences soul qualities, such as appreciation, gratitude, joy, a sense of connection, kindness and compassion, feeling at peace in nature or in love with your child or pet – and when we experience these qualities, we are more fully present in the moment, and less identified with the thinking, planning and worrying of the ego mind. Soul can also be found in art, poetry and music, in moments of connection and sharing, or solitary contemplation.

When you cultivate a relationship with your own soul in your journalling practice, it can help you align with the positive aspects of yourself, such as

  • Kindness
  • Friendliness
  • Acceptance and lack of judgement
  • Receptivity
  • Confidence
  • The ability to direct your will to achieve results
  • Clear focus
  • Discipline
  • Harmony and balance
  • Truthfulness and authenticity
  • Creativity and self expression
  • Unity, connection and belonging
  • Self empowerment
  • Playfulness and fun
  • Living in alignment with core beliefs that are effective and uplifting, rather than old unconscious assumptions that restrict you!

Everyday life provides rich opportunities to develop these qualities, very often through experiencing the lack of them! But in directed journalling, you can create a context and a space to actively develop your own best qualities. It is a space where you can think things through so that you are able to align your thoughts, your values, your feelings and your actions to be more fully yourself. Then you can make decisions and choices that ARE in full alignment with your true values.

These courses with Alyss Thomas are not just another online business. The sessions are personal, connected and powerful, and everyone enjoys a sense of contact and community. It’s so important to be seen and recognised for who we really are, and to have a safe, held,  kind and respectful space  in a small online group, in which you can more fully become the creative, flowing adult  that only you can be.

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“I would recommend this course… doing this course has changed my life. I feel more able to step into the unknown with my creativity, knowing I have the support and acceptance of this like-minded group.”

Journal writing book reviews

“I have grown my creative flow throughout the past 4 years with Alyss. Each year a step further with more confidence, belief, inspiration and commitment to trust myself to grow my creativity gently, kindly and with a sprinkle of challenge! It feels magical and dreamy for me to have a clear voice and direction. And a commitment to write and illustrate my book this year finally freed to be real!”

“I am so grateful for your truth, encouragement and pearls!”

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