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What does a copywriter do?

They take a detailed brief from you and create the words that convey the right messages for your business, such as your website, media posts, blog posts, articles, newsletters or adverts.

When do you need to hire a professional copywriter?

Is writing something you think you “should” be good at? Writing is stressful and difficult for many people, and it takes training, skill and years of practice to become a competent wordsmith. If this is not one of your specialities, think about the cost to your business of not hiring a decent writer to make sure that the words that represent you come across to your market in the right way.

What does good copy look like?
  • Clean, effective English that directly conveys your intended message
  • Clear, understandable and cohesive
  • Easy to read
  • Follows tested principles of marketing
  • Succinct and to the point when necessary
  • Engages your audience because it’s individual, interesting and makes them want to read on
  • Adds value to all your offers and products
  • Encourages your potential customers to invest with you
  • Gives your readers a positive feeling that you are the right one to meet their needs or solve their problems, if not now then in future
What I can do for you
  • Help you make a fantastic website from scratch. I can work directly with the web designer or with you.
  • Write your blogposts, articles, adverts, social media posts, ebooks etc
  • Help you move your projects forward.
  • Edit and improve your existing copy, for example improving a translation into English (though this can be much more time consuming than starting from scratch); I can also teach you to improve your own writing.
How it works

Copy is only as good as the brief, and this is where I will want to have an extensive meeting with you online to ensure I am clear about what you are really asking me to do. Often the briefing meeting is just as important for you as it will help you clarify your own thinking and decisions

I work pro-actively with your designer, so the copy and design work hand in glove.

Why choose me?
Alyss Thomas - Journal Writers Companion Author

I have substantial experience as a writer in many different organisations and contexts and I am also a published author. My training as a copywriter in my 20s taught me an immense amount, and I have continued learning ever since. Curiosity, wide life experience and continual writing practice are great assets for a copywriter.

My areas of special interest are: websites, articles, blogposts and materials for services such as therapists and coaches, individual or creative businesses. I can help you write your book or ebook.

I can write your text so it reads naturally like your own style and it comes across as authentic and not like it has been written by an outside professional. My purpose is to make you shine.


I charge close to the UK industry average price for copywriting, £350 day rate (9 hours), or £40 an hour. It’s good value.


Fees are paid in advance. My work with you is discreet and confidential. You need to book me ahead, I cannot complete work at short notice.

Contact me to discuss your project:, or text 07825284160