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Alyss Thomas MSc

Journalling Courses in Plymouth & Online
Local courses in Plymouth, Devon

The people who have attended these local courses have really loved the experience, and have found it both friendly and enriching and also challenging, when needed, to nudge you into a bigger and brighter mindset and to support you to go beyond your subconscious limitations and any fear or resistance you may have which blocks your ability to be fully yourself.

Local courses are available – please enquire about dates.  Information about starting dates of courses and special one-off events is posted on the Facebook group Journal Writers for Success(link).   Sometimes there are special journalling events where we focus on a theme, such as money, or working with the seasons.

We would love you to join us, if you live in Devon or Cornwall, whether you have enjoyed a lifelong passion for journalling or you have never kept a journal and are terrified about the idea! Please contact me if you would like to discuss. The courses are inexpensive and give you a unique opportunity to share your journalling practice with others in the group. Of course you do not share your private journalling, but you can share the process of what you are experiencing and enjoy the atmosphere of friendly, purposeful engagement and support.  Email me or contact me on Facebook to discuss if the next group would be right for you.

Journal writing book reviews

A few comments from members

“I went to  this group recently and found it really helpful. I made a breakthrough and took the terrible judgement off myself for feeling lost and not knowing how to move on in my business. I picked an oracle card, it was the Vulture. The message was that nothing is wasted. Thankyou, Alyss, for your deep wisdom”

– Belinda
Journal writing book reviews

“I came away from last night’s meeting with such a light heart! I think it is the first time I have actually felt safe to share my thoughts. I absolutely love the Haiku.  Thank you”

– Niki
Journal Writers Companion Book Alyss Thomas Review
Online Courses

These are currently being designed, and will include a richer and more in-depth engagement than is possible from a book alone. The course will take you further and give you the opportunity to establish a life-changing journalling practice. If you want to hear when courses go online, please let me have your email address, which of course I will only use to send you information about journalling.

Transformative Art Journalling

I teach this special and unique art journalling method.  You come away from each session with a piece of artwork with your intentions imbedded within it. Not only is the process hugely and  absorbing enjoyable, but participants also find that their intentions are already embedded in their lives and the things they want to change or bring about flow quite easily. Contact me to find out about live and online sessions.

“Discover the ‘book’ that is you – the journal you will write as you train your focus and become aligned with all that you really love and want to happen.”