An Essence Journal – PDF


An attractive journal to support you while you are working with all types of essences.

• Journal prompts that help you organise and record information and observations about each essence journey

• Prompts to deepen your exploration and open into your subtle awareness and sensitivity.

• A place to unfold your process of awakening and help you on your learning edge as you work through the arising issues in your life.

• A simple and attractive design to invite you into a conscious co-operation process with nature and your own higher self, as you tune in and align with the special qualities of each essence or blend.

• Download the journal once, and use it as many times as you wish; you can print and write, or type in your journal entries.

• Created by an advanced essence practitioner and journal writing facilitator.

• Journalling your experience of working with essences, whether you are working with a practitioner or working independently can help you experience a more beneficial outcome, through the process of aligning your intent and focus with the essences.



If you are working with flower essences or vibrational essences, or you are on an essence program, these attractively illustrated journal pages will support you to deepen into the experience of working with any essence. There are lots of questions and writing prompts to support you to make the most of working with any essence, and to open yourself up more to receiving the benefits. You can of course keep it on your computer and use it every time you start a new essence or essence blend.

An Essence Journal  for you and your clients

Essence work can bring you a change in consciousness. If you work with essences over months and years, you will see changes in your awareness and in your life that you could hardly have imagined were possible. The challenges that once blocked your path or that totally preoccupied you gently melt away. The ones that remain are topics that you recognise to be your core issues for this lifetime, and while you keep on working with them they no longer feel quite so frantic or overwhelming – you have a calmer and more balanced perspective on them. You have an expanded view, and you also became happier and more peaceful so you are more stable and less reactive when challenges arise.

This change in consciousness is easy to forget, as once you have moved your frequency a little higher, you do not tend to dip back down to where you were in the past. You coast along for a while, and then realise that something else is nudging you and calling for your attention.  This is when you turn back to essences again and begin a new cycle, recognising there is something that you need to work on or that you need support with. You are aware you are moving upwards in your consciousness, and you can even feel excited to break new ground, rather than dread that you have to do more work on yourself.

It is so helpful if you or your clients keep an essence journal, so that you have a way to work with the subtle feelings, insights and realisations that arise in the course of essence work. These can be quite ephemeral as your consciousness opens up as it is touched by the essences. This material is subtle, and can be elusive for the rational mind to keep hold of for more than a few moments. As essence work has to go in layers, one layer at a time, once one layer is dealt with, new layers become available for healing that you might not even have been able to access before. If you journal alongside your essence process, you can become more directly aligned with the process of moving towards a new mindset and raising your vibration. It is more mindful and less scattered.

Here is a pre-designed journal, an attractive and inviting format that is ready to use. You don’t have to think about getting round to writing things down, as there are plenty of prompts. The journal invites you to focus your attention in a gentle but systematic way so that you include and attend to everything in a way that feels natural.

It is also so helpful to look back over these journals – first of all you can see just how far you have come and how much you learned along the way, and secondly you can catch yourself if there are repeating themes or any circularity in your healing process, so you can be more aware of any blind spots that are simply not possible to see at the time.

The journal is ideal to give to clients, including those who do not realise at the outset just how profoundly effective the essence work is going to be. Once you have downloaded the journal format once, you can make new copies indefinitely, and also send one to your clients with their name on the front cover. Journals can be completed on a computer or tablet, or printed and written by hand – a process that feels more engaging and personal. The cost for the journal is modest, and I request that you do not distribute it to your friends and colleagues for free, but send them here to download one of their own.

Alyss Thomas is an experienced essence practitioner, and the author of The Journal Writer’s Companion (Exisle Publishingand Journalling for Success (ebook) 2019.

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