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Alyss Thomas MSc

Journal Writers Companion Book by Alyss Thomas

This attractive book is a readable and friendly introduction to some of the many different ways you can use journalling to bring colour, excitement and fulfilment to every corner of your life. It is full of ideas, inspiration, writing prompts, and friendly guidance.

It’s an enjoyable format to dip into – you do not have to read it from beginning to end – with 259 pages, a tactile hard cover, a book mark, an index, and an illustrated design style that makes the information easy to access and absorb.  It has been designed with your needs in mind and it does not limit you to one approach, but invites you to try things out so that you can find journalling methods that will really work for you. 

If you are ready to go more deeply into different aspects of journalling, such as journalling for work, reflective journalling for a course, or to get yourself better organised and on track with your goals, everything you need to get started is here.

Journal Writers Companion book by Alyss Thomas

“I want a lot of copies of this book on my shelf, both to give to people I love and care about but also to support my clients. We are lucky to have this beautiful book to support our creative and therapeutic processes, backed by research and the experience of Alyss who has supported people in their writing and development for many years. She attempts to set us free from the mundane in order to find meaning and beauty in our lived experience through the simple medium of journalling. I highly recommend this book – great for teenagers as well as grannies.”

– Dr Joanna North, Chartered Psychologist & BACP Senior Accreted Psychotherapist Assoc, Fellow & Chartered Member of British Psychological Society
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“Alyss Thomas is passionate about journals and this book fizzes with energy and enthusiasm for the benefits of journalling. Her thoughtful creative book is brumful with useful, practicals ideas and inspiration. I love her positive you-can-do-it approach and especially her ideas about journalling as a way of developing mindfulness and becoming more intimate with who you are and what you want. The film maker David Lynch describes creative ideas being like little and big fish coming to us as our consciousness deepens. This book shows how a journal can help us net more fish.”

– Paul Vallance, Registered psychotherapist and artist
Journal Writers Companion Book Alyss Thomas Review