Psychotherapy Sessions Journal


This Sessions Journal is specifically designed for adults attending one to one psychotherapy or counselling, to use alongside your therapy. It is for people who are already in therapy, or who are intending to start therapy soon.  For less than the cost of one therapy session, you can support and enrich your therapy, in your own time. It is a pdf that you can print and write in, or save and use on a computer.  There is also a free bonus questionnaire and a free additional journalling process to use when you are working with difficult and persistent thoughts and feelings.



Know you are not alone in your therapeutic journey, even though it may often feel like.  You are joining all of us across the world who have stood up within ourselves and have said that we will no longer condone or go along with the negative conditioning, feeling bad about yourself, the lack of self respect, the confusion, the low self belief and confidence, the difficulty with valuing and focusing on your own true needs, the negative relationships, the control or abuse and whatever else you have experienced. By changing yourself you are making a significant contribution to the world around you, as well as your own happiness and wellbeing and that of your family.

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