an interactive, online art club – mixed media and painting for beginners and experienced artists
Why an Art Club?

Creative, artistic self expression is essential to our wellbeing in these times, and so is rich energetic contact with like minded people. Engaging in your own creative flow alongside others in a friendly group is a fast and highly effective method for feeling well, excited, alive and fulfilled!

While painting and mixed media are really satisfying to play with, it is easy to become frustrated and lose direction. Artistic self expression is our birthright, and brings enormous benefits, but many of us need education and support in how to approach this work. It’s not just the skills, techniques and confidence with the materials, it’s also the mindset and the understanding of creative process that can set you free to flow with your own artistic self expression. At the same time, we will be aiming to produced polished work to be proud of.

I am a self taught artist, and I truly know the frustrations of not being able to achieve the results I want. I attended many online art classes by artists who did not have time to engage with me or give me personal feedback on my work. I found I am unable to copy the perfect work of art teachers, I always end up doing something messy and different! For this group, I have created projects that give beautiful results, and I break them down into step by step stages. The beauty of these projects is that you can approach them at your own level, and whatever your level of experience you will create some work you are pleased with. If you are already an experienced artist, these projects may take you out of your comfort zone – and that is how we learn to bring fresh and new elements into our art.

Although art is a spiritual, emotional and psychological pursuit, many artists only talk about it in terms of materials and techniques. They do not dive into the ego-based issues that come up for us all the time when we are making art, such as my work is not good enough, everyone else’s work is better than mine, I will never be able to do this, no one will buy my work so what is the point – we each have our own versions of these!  As a psychotherapist and course leader as well as an artist and a CIM practitioner, I welcome compassionate and enlivening enquiry into your creative process. My intentions will always be to help you release and express the flow within you. We will address topics such as “how do I know when it is finished”, “I don’t now what to do next”, “I am afraid of wrecking it” and  “I don’t like what I have made”.

This art club gives you a place in a small online community where we all participate and join in together, and you are not muted!  You are free to share, ask questions, chat and discuss what we are doing. When difficulties come up for you, there is support. There is no pressure whatsoever to share your work, but you are encouraged to. The projects may take you out of your comfort zone into new and unfamiliar places – where you will learn far more than you could by working on your own.

Sharing our work is an important part of becoming more visible as artists, and there is an emphasis on making cards, our signature “flying art postcards” and giftable art, so you will not be buying any more manufactured cards!

This style of art club is inclusive, and people with varying levels of art experience are all welcome. It is also priced as low as possible.  You are encouraged to give it time, and to invest yourself in learning all the processes.

What is included?

Two sessions a month, one is  teaching session and one is a practice session, where you work on the project that was started in the first session.

Guidance, support and discussion on the emotional and spiritual issues that come up in the process of art making, for example, Is my work good enough, how do I evaluate my own work, how do I get into flow with my art and stay there, what do I do when I get stuck, how do I get out of a rut with my work, how do I find my own unique style, and how do I move beyond my present limitations?

The group eliminates the loneliness one can feel  when you are learning and practising art, or as the only artist in your  household or community. Connecting and working alongside with other artists is inspiring and energising. More than that, it nourishes on a deep level to see the work someone else is doing, share in the challenges they are facing in themselves, and see them come through them as they develop over time. It’s easier to appreciate someone else’s work and their struggles than our own, and the sincere responses of your companions will encourage you. We are an international community, and working with people in different countries is fun!

Finding your own style – this is possible when you work and re-work the taught projects and find out for yourself what works for you, and why.  Once you have learned these methods, they will yours you to dip into whenever you want!

The curriculum includes mixed media: watercolour, acrylics, acrylic inks, gouache, collage, paint pens, and crayons. We work on a range of surfaces including paper, postcards,  board, canvas and art journals.  The emphasis is on abstract, modern mixed media.

Here are the ideas we will be playing with – depending on the group speed of working, we may not be able to cover them all in one year, and topics will be discussed with you:

Mixed media hearts for alternative Valentine’s cards!

Circles – if a line is a dot that is taken for a walk, then we are taking circles for a spin. Circles can be so many things – planets, moons, suns, flowers, spirals, rocks, seashells – and even the way you draw a circle is completely unique to you, as no two people do it the same. Later in the year we will also play with:

  • Flow. Getting into flow with watercolour and acrylic inks. Inky, wet, moody seas and skies

  • Abstract backgrounds, with expressive mark making

  • Collage as a way to bring depth, texture and “archaeological” resonance

  • Watercolour florals

  • Mixed media art journalling (hide or highlight your words with paint)

  • Oriental-inspired decorative panels, acrylic on board

  • Fantasy goddess portraits

  • Postcards, seasonal and birthday cards and arty gifts

  • Recycling/repurposing old boxes etc to make gorgeous art

  • Making rock piles with acrylic skins

  • Mandalas

  • Painting on black paper and dark backgrounds

How does it work

This is an ongoing membership group. You attend live sessions on Zoom in a small group,  where everyone works on the same project together.

A Zoom link is sent to you ahead of each session.  Sessions can be recorded for members who have to miss a session, if this is acceptable to those present.

Those of you who are on Facebook can participate in the group chat and sharing on Kitchen Table Art Journalling.  Ongoing discussions and sharing of work between sessions takes place by email chat. You can send me photos of your ongoing work for feedback and suggestions between sessions.

Sessions are held on Sundays at 3-5.30pm UK time.  The first session is January 24th. There are 18 sessions spaced throughout the year, avoiding the main holiday times, held in blocks of two sessions for each project.

Each session is focused on a specific project or process and you will be advised which materials to bring. We follow the wheel of the year in terms of seasonal themes. You are encouraged to practise between sessions, as the more you practise, the better results you will see growing in front of you. You will create work you will be proud to share!

I have framed my favourite images and plan to keep them. As a reminder of the good things that have happened this year. Thank you Alyss, you have inspired me despite all that we have all been dealing with. Love and peace to everyone and thank you so much for sharing the joy of art with me.”

I am having so much fun decorating this cardboard box. Forever grateful to you, Alyss.”

I am loving having the time to do this for myself. Really, really enjoying it all.”

Wow! You guys are rocking this business! Nice work! Love it!”

I also want to say again how much I am enjoying this new series of workshops. I think the nervousness is transforming into real excitement ! Thank you so much for the lovely session yesterday. It was so wonderful in so many, many ways.”

Thank you, wanted to just say how amazing and life changing the process has been and it continues to yield hidden truths…..surfacing emotion – I had not realised quite how resistant I was to this. Also learning about myself, and introducing art and creativity has opened a door…..picking up a pencil feels natural for me now, to add colour, doodle, shade, and I viewed an art exhibition recently with fresh eyes.”

It is the most amazing art piece, what an extraordinary beautiful flower of life! THANK YOU so much! I really don’t know how to thank you for this extraordinary and powerful piece.”